Earn money through referrals

Our vendors are invited to become affiliates of the Exmoor4all Marketplace: It only takes six referrals for annual subscriptions within one month, and you have earned back what you paid for your annual subscription.

How does it work?

Vendors have access to their “Affiliate” tab in their Store Manager. You will have to register and then create a URL pointing at our Sell with Us page which is unique to you. This is the link you then send to your friends and family, post on your social media or put into emails – everyone who signs up to the Marketplace as a vendor through this link, will be matched to your account.

How much do I get?

We pay £5.00 per person who signs up via your link, no matter what type of subscription they take out.

Additionally, you will earn a bonus for every new vendor who signs up for an annual subscription. The bonus starts at 10% and goes up to 25%, and is accrued over the month. So the more people you sign up within a month, the higher your commission rate.

When do I get paid?

We keep a monthly tally of new sign-ups. You will be able to see your score in your Store Manager. Payment is made at the beginning of the following month (usually by the 10th).

Here is an overview of how much can be earned if you sign up annual subscribers:

CommissionSign-ups (per month)MembershipAffiliate Base PaymentBonusBonus PaymentTotal