Categories are set up as main category and sub-category. You need to think from smallest ‘bucket’ up to a big ‘pool’. And for any of your products you have to find the smallest bucket. For example, if you post a woolly hat, it will go into the Category “Hats” which is a sub-category of “Accessories”.

That way you can be sure that people who are looking for a hat, will find it when clicking on that category in the menu.

  • Accessories
    • Scarves & Shawles
    • Hats

If you can’t find a sub-category which fits your product, then put it into a category one level up. For example, we don’t have a sub-category for ‘straw hats’, so would need to put it into ‘hats’.

It is quite possible that we have missed an important category when setting up this Marketplace. Pop your product in the “pool” category which best fits and email us with your request for another sub-category.