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You can now add products to a wishlist and share the list with friends and family. Birthday coming up? No problem. Just add your fav products to your wishlist and post it on Facebook or Twitter, send it as an email or even as a Whatsapp message. It couldn’t be any easier.

Just click on the product you like, scroll down to “”Add to Wishlist” (below the “add to basket” button), click on it, and hey presto. Your product is saved. And if you want to have a look at your list, just go to “Wishlist” on the top of the screen on the desktop (under ‘menu’ if you are on a phone), and there are all your favourite products listed.

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Hello world!

Hello world, indeed.

It is finally February after the longest January on record ever. Who else feels as if the first month of 2021 went on for a million days?

But now February is here and with it the knowledge that spring is only a few weeks away. It is time for new beginnings.

Yesterday we (sort of) launched the Exmoor4all Marketplace. This is our new adventure for 2021 and we hope that many people will join us on this trip of building a beautiful and efficient platform for makers, creators, designers, artists and artisans who live on Exmoor and in the regions surrounding the UK’s smallest National Park.

We are grateful to the first creators who have signed up while we are still in what some people would call a beta phase. Building a Marketplace is fun, but it is also a steep learning curve. The platform is already fully functioning, but we’re still battling with a couple of gremlins at the “back end” which, we are confident, will be permanently evicted before the end of this week.

To celebrate that the Exmoor4all Marketplace has finally left the starting blocks, we are offering a special deal for our annual offer, saving you up to £40.00 a year compared to a monthly subscription. For basically the cost of a take-away coffee per month you will have your own customisable store where you can upload an unlimited amount of products, set your own shipping rates, issue coupons and much more.

We don’t charge commission, so you will always know exactly what your costs are.

As soon as you sell a product, you will receive an email with the order details. Once the order has been marked as ‘complete’, your payment is automatically transferred by the system.

So here we are! Looking forward to building and expanding this platform with you.

PS We at Exmoor4all have been celebrating all things Exmoor since 2012. We are now by far the largest online platform, with a monthly reach of 300,000 people on our Facebook page alone.